The Maple Advisory Group's Global Discussion Group

Aanya founded a global discussion forum where practitioners and researchers from around the world come together to critically analyse and discuss contemporary topics in education from a comparative and international lens.

Our goal is twofold:

  1. To have a safe environment where we can critically analyse contemporary research, without being held back by formal or informal associations.

  2. Grow a network of dedicated minds and sector experts from across the world so we can collectively innovate to transform what education has to offer.

We share our outputs with the wider public through our Medium Publication, which you can access by clicking on the link below.

How it works: The Maple Group meets every 2-3 weeks via Zoom. If you would like to learn more and / or join, let Aanya know by clicking on the form below. 


Fun fact: In a span of a just few months, the Group has crossed many a borders - The map below gives a real-life picture of where current members of The Maple Group are located!  

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