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For over a decade, Aanya has valued the opportunity to work with peers and young adults to help them map their purpose, especially in relation to their access to higher education and in navigating career pathways. She does this in two ways: structured (coaching) and unstructured (mentoring) programmes of varied lengths, depending on need. This includes admissions coaching, where she maps goals to purpose to help with University selection, and also conducts detailed essay / personal statement reviews. To date, she has successfully helped students gain admission at Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Oxford, University of Virginia and LUMS.

Similarly, whether individuals are about to enter the market for work, or are switching mid-career, Aanya enjoys helping unpack ambitions, goals and expectations to make steady headway. Her style of coaching is founded in principles of human-centred design; where the process of transformation is owned by the coachee. She has helped support mid-career moves from industry to management consulting, banking to international development and university to non-profits across 10 countries.

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Mentoring & Coaching: Testimonials

Aanya was absolutely instrumental in helping me with my application. Not only did she conduct thorough reviews of my personal statement, she helped me align my purpose with why I was applying and this clarity shaped my application. Without her, I doubt I would have made it to my top choice program.

Anonymous, School of International Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University

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